My design philosophy is simple; everyone’s life is left better by great interior design. As a coastal dweller for the last twenty years, an interior designer for the last ten and creator of the Ideal Interiors System™, I created my blog to help give you a starting point and to share some of the secrets and inspiration in interior design for coastal homes and small spaces…one you can enjoy with family and friends…one that is uniquely yours.

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Sound as a Healing Element

As we all know, learning is a continuous process!  As part of my shift toward designing healing spaces, I’ve immersed myself in continuing to understand the different elements of a space and how I can best bring them together to help support healing for my clients. Each design is different, just as each client is different, but the elements we work with are the same….color, light, space, furnishings, etc.



Bedroom w french doors | Cavnauagh Design Group

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When designing any space, I work to educate my clients on why I’m choosing the elements I am for them or why we should use a particular hue of paint vs something else.  Above and beyond the fact that a room is visually pleasing, a client’s surrounding environment has a direct effect on them. So, as a designer, I intuitively choose interior elements, like color, scents, music and furnishings, based on what I feel the client needs, both personally and in their surroundings.

(Coastal Living)

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I recently found an article about Tom Kenyon, who turned to science to help him understand the effects of sound and music on the human brain.  Music and sound have an effect not only on our moods, but its sound can affect our consciousness in many way.    On a basic level, music and sound can uplift us, make us anxious, happy, sad or evoke different emotions we haven’t felt in years!  I think many of us know this on some level and we’ve experienced music adding to the ambiance of a dinner party or creating a calming environment after a long day.  Though, after studying sound, Tom has cutting edge scientific research which proves that sound shifts brain states and promotes dramatic healing in our bodies and has made a movie, Song of the New Earth, about his journey and his findings.

{ image via www.tomkenyon.com }

{ image via www.tomkenyon.com }


So, keep in mind, whether it be for design for healing or just for fun,  our environment truly does affect everything, from how we feel to how we heal!

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