About Nicole

“The room is much more beautiful than we could have ever imagined. Thanks to all the volunteers and donations, patients will receive their chemotherapy in this peaceful, tranquil room for years to come,”
Barbara Goodwill, RN.
“Thank you Nicole for taking the time necessary to listen to my needs and understanding exactly what interior design help I need. I am so happy with the first phase and am looking forward to the full transformation and the journey! You Rock!”
Sherena J., Corona Del Mar
“Nicole, thank you so much for coming out to our home today. We learned a lot from you and are looking forward to moving on with this project…you have a trained eye for color and we appreciate that, and you!”
Karen H, Orange
I am: an interior designer, International Interior Design Association (IIDA) member, author, animal lover and advocate. clandestine singer and dancer. a good supporter
I love: laughter. my dog, my family. horses. the coast, cool mornings, tea, a phenomenal outfit. helping others. connecting with people, contributing. feeling joyful, having fun. art history, anything that moves me.
Beauty is: natural, from within.
I am fascinated by: beautiful art. vibrant joyful people, travel. texture.
I see: life and the world from a different perspective. an artist’s eye. beauty, the opportunity for change.
I believe: in a better life by design. my gifts are for me to share. our environment affects us. always.
My causes: animals. we were always rescuing abandoned and abused animals growing up.

donating design time to charity to design nurturing, beautiful spaces for treatment and recovery.

supporter of Susan G. Komen Foundation and Olive Crest for Strong Families, Safe Kids




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