Healing and Wellness Design

Environment is Everything

Our environment affects everything, from how we feel to how we heal.™

Nicole Cavanaugh, IIDA
Founder | Director of Design


As someone going through a life-altering situation, do you wish you could have a comfortable, happy, supportive place to help support you on your journey?

Is it difficult for you to remain optimistic and feel hopeful because there isn’t a comfortable place for you at home where you feel safe and relaxed?

As a business owner or healing and wellness practitioner, do you ‘make do’ with your offices, but wonder how they could be more inviting, comfortable and supportive to your clients?

Could your center attract and treat more people, provide support and positively affect more lives per year with better facilities, but you just don’t know where or how to begin, or think it will be expensive?


“Nicole Cavanaugh infused this project with generosity and compassion, and the redesigned Chemotherapy Infusion Room reflects this and so much more. What was once a sterile and cluttered room has been transformed into a warm, comfortable, and calm space with Nicole’s inspiration and expertise. We set out to create an environment where chemotherapy patients could relax and be cared for, and at the same time, not feel as though they are in a clinical hospital space. This room far-surpassed our expectations and we hope that anyone receiving chemotherapy at Mammoth Hospital will find comfort in this special place. Thank you to Rooms that Rock 4 Chemo and Nicole Cavanaugh of Cavanaugh Design Group for volunteering and spending countless hours toward making this project an overwhelming success”    Erica Wells, BSN | Chemotherapy Manager, Mammoth Hospital

What we do:

We are different from other design firms in a BIG way.  Our core focus is based on the beliefs that our environment affects everything, from how we feel to how we heal and that healing begins to take place when we shift and change our perception of a situation or place. Our goal is to elevate the energy in wellness centers, homes, treatment rooms and offices through interior design, to help create an environment that is beautiful, supportive and inviting to those that seek healing, in whatever form they may need. We specialize in creating spaces that support healing from the inside out, with interior design that is far from clinical-feeling, that minimizes discomfort and down time and creates a beautiful, fresh, peaceful environment.  We design for healing, health and wellness…for centers, clinics, businesses and home environments…design that is comfortable, inspiring and happy, to help support any type of healing from the inside out, whether it’s related to life-threatening illness, emotional trauma, or even life transition.  We work with clients who have both the need and the desire for healing and have an appreciation for aesthetics and value quality in their design for spaces that support that healing in whatever form is needed.

Cavanaugh Design Group’s Director of Design, Nicole Cavanaugh, is a member of the International Interior Design Association and a certified True Color Expert™, acutely and innately focused on creating spaces that help support others on their journeys.