Healing and Wellness Design

Cavanaugh Design Group will customize our services to meet your specific interior design needs. Though interior design for health and wellness practitioners and patients is our core focus, we welcome any opportunity to create original, compelling designs.

The benefits?

People feel more trusting, more at ease, happier and more focused in environments they enjoy and cients have told us that they feel a difference on a personal level, as well as a feeling of relief that their interiors are fresh and new. In addition to a beautiful, inviting, supportive space you will enjoy, some of the benefits include …

Budget – a re-design around cosmetic elements like new furniture, paint, flooring, lighting, built-ins and added function and storage is significantly more cost effective than a full construction renovation, while giving you the most impact for your budget.

More visibility and outreach – comfortable, inviting environments that feel good allow you to treat and see more people and hold classes and programs to increase visibility, attracting additional people each year.

Satisfied staff – staff members who are happier overall with their work environment tend to stay with an employer longer.

Less down-time – for our residential clients, we our cosmetic re-design can work around your treatment routine and any side effects you may experience.

In the re-design of health and wellness, chemotherapy, hospital and clinical spaces, we may be able to install the design in just 48 to 72 hours, depending on the project.

OSHPOD – cosmetic re-design in hospital or clinic settings rarely, if ever, needs OSHPOD clearance, giving you the freedom to create a healing environment as you like and in your time frame.


How we work:

We believe in clean, fresh, streamlined design, through cosmetic changes and the use of color, furnishings, lighting, textiles and other interior elements. The work we do can, but doesn’t always, involve construction and thus may be completed in a relatively short amount of time, depending on the project.

We realize that the needs of each client are different and unique, whether in a business setting, healthcare setting or at home. We begin with a complimentary assessment and in 30 minutes or so, you will know whether our services would be helpful to you and will be able to see what your next steps will be.

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