My design philosophy is simple; everyone’s life is left better by great interior design. As a coastal dweller for the last twenty years, an interior designer for the last ten and creator of the Ideal Interiors System™, I created my blog to help give you a starting point and to share some of the secrets and inspiration in interior design for coastal homes and small spaces…one you can enjoy with family and friends…one that is uniquely yours.

Believe in a Better Life
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Why Healing Interiors?

When people find out I’m an interior designer, whether I’m at someone’s house for lunch or just enjoying time together, inevitably the conversation turns to something design-related. I could talk about design for days, so I’m always eager to find out what they’re working on and hear about their vision!


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I’ve noticed, though, that often people want to change something in their interiors because they want to change something about themselves. They want their surroundings to affect them positively. No one has ever come to me and asked me to make their home or office messy, disheveled or a disaster! I think on some level, we all want to feel better, live better, heal something or have more space to gather with people that matter to us. Through our interiors, we seek some change in ourselves. We want to be positively affected and we want, in turn, share that with others.

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What we see on the outside is often an indicator of what’s happening on the inside. So if, by design, we can set the stage to help heal both, all the better. What about you? Is there something you’d like to change or heal about yourself or your home?

If you are thinking about creating a space you truly love, contact me about our in-person or virtual design services at nicole@cdgdesign.com

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