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Why do I need time with an interior designer? What do I get and what’s the benefit to it?

If you lack a starting point, are afraid to make a decision or just need advice, access to a designer’s time is invaluable. When you have access to and the full attention of an educated designer with an experienced eye, you have an objective, impartial guide to help you find your start and end points. Our packages are designed to:

  • answer your questions give you a starting point
  • give you a general idea of what it will take to refresh an area, design one room or design your entire practice or home
  • give you peace of mind

We offer different levels of time access, which are designed to allow us to be a varied resource for you.

Our time blocks are available in two forms, a package of 3 hours beginning at $395, for a consultation, or 8 hour increments for more detailed consultative or design work. In our experience, a minimum of 3 hours is usually required for any type consultation, to allow time for questions and measurements, as well as input on color, style, furnishings, use of space, etc.

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