My design philosophy is simple; everyone’s life is left better by great interior design. As a coastal dweller for the last twenty years, an interior designer for the last ten and creator of the Ideal Interiors System™, I created my blog to help give you a starting point and to share some of the secrets and inspiration in interior design for coastal homes and small spaces…one you can enjoy with family and friends…one that is uniquely yours.

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Healing and Interior Design

Did you know that our environment affects everything, from how we feel to how we heal?


Healing feels good!

{ Wellness feels good! }


We are affected, positively or negatively, on some level, conscious or unconscious, by what we surround ourselves with.  So whether that’s clutter at home …


{ This bedroom feels scattered, cluttered and bad }

{ This bedroom feels scattered, cluttered and anxious }


or where we strive to heal….


{ How well could you heal here? }

{ How well could you heal here? }



or work daily….


Cluttered office

{ How well do you think you could work here? }


We are affected.  We’re affected by color, light, sound, scents and visual cues all around us. Healing and wellness happens from the inside out, literally.


{ Elle Decor }

{ Doesn’t this feel better? }


{ Healing from the inside out }

{ Healing from the inside out }



We feel and heal better when we’re in the right environment that sets the stage for us to do so.  So, whether you’re healing from an illness or stressful situation or run a business that helps others with their own healing and wellness, consider what kind of interior environment you’re in and how that’s affecting you and/or your clients. How do you want to best be affected?!


If you are thinking about creating a space you truly love, contact me about our in-person or virtual design services at nicole@cdgdesign.com

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